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SolidWorks 2011: SolidWorks Sustainability

In this video, some of the enhancements that have been made to SolidWorks Sustainability has been shown.

SolidWorks 2011: 3DVIA Composer Enhancements

3DVIA Composer - Interactive Storyboarding: Instantly create linked views to next and previous steps for sharing procedures. Simplifies how information is presented and consumed in 3DVIA Composer Player. This new feature reduces the training time and communicate more effectively with employees and customers by sharing simple, interactive storyboard experience.

SolidWorks 2011: Photoview 360 and Walkthrough Feature

PhotoView 360 is now fully integrated in SolidWorks 2011, making photorealistic image and animation creation simple for everyone. Walk-through enables a video game-like exploration of products, including structures and large machinery. This provide detailed, lifelike images and walk-through overviews for demonstrating designs to customers, partners, vendors, and coworkers.

Let's Go Design! - SolidWorks Design Examples

"Let's Go Design" is a new interactive web series where you and your fellow designers are going to help Design Team Lead - and SolidWorks-Certified Professional - Jeremy Luchini create some never-before built products. Submit projects, share design ideas and vote on key decisions. The project ideas they are considering are: Project Idea #1: The ultimate office chair Project Idea #2: All in one breakfast maker Project Idea #3: Trailer Hitch Workbench

SolidWorks 2011: Weldments Enhancements

In addition in SolidWorks 2011: Weldments module are: Welding plates on tubes is possible, Gap are filled automatically with welds, Now you can use weldments in assembly too. Automatically locates weld locations when you select one of the part involved in welding. Weldment list reorder is added. Weld notes are automatically created in drawings.

SolidWorks 2011: Drawings Enhancements

In this video, SolidWorks 2011 enhancements that have been made to the Drawings capabilities has been shown. New enhancements are: Dimension added to 3D model are not placed in correct view & placed out evenly. While dimensioning priority has been given to sectional views & details views. Easy dimension layout adjustments. Ehancements in hole table.

Modeling an FSAE Frame in SolidWorks - Part 1

This video has been made specifically for Formula SAE Students. This video covers the basic process behind modeling a frame.

SolidWorks 2010: Sheet Metal Functionality

Learn about the improvements to sheet metal functionality, including multi-body capabilities, in SolidWorks 2010.