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Showing posts from October 13, 2011

SolidWorks Simulation: Design a Better Frame

SolidWorks Simulation allows you to determine which variation of a design is better without having to create physical prototypes. In this example there are three frame designs and we need to select the strongest.

SolidWorks: Convert Solid Part to Sheet Metal

In SolidWorks 2009 & above versions you can easily create a sheet metal part with the enhanced Convert to Sheet Metal feature. By creating a simple solid then selecting edges and faces SolidWorks will wrap sheet metal geometry around it. The following video will show you how easy it is to use the feature.

SolidWorks Weldments & Sheet Metal

In this SolidWorks video tutorial a complete process of creating a weldments frame and creating a sheet metal part has been shown. First 2D & 3D sketch commands are used to create a frame. Using weldments tool this sketch has been converted to structural frame. Then this frame has been transferred to assembly environment where in a next part is created using sheet metal. In this tutorial following playground slide is created step by step from scratch.