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SolidWorks 2011: Piping Improvements

Routing Library Manager: The Routing Library Manager is a new interface that can be run without launching the SolidWorks® application. It provides access to several existing and new functions. Route Along Existing Geometry: You can create a route at a defined distance from a surface, using a pipe segment or a planar surface or face as a reference. The distance is calculated from the outer surface of the pipe, unless the centerline is specified. Weld Gaps: You can add weld gaps to routes between pipes and fittings, using global or joint-specific offset values. Autosize: When you place a part, it now resizes automatically to match the target equipment or fitting. Moving and Rotating a Fitting: You can use the triad control to rotate or move parts inserted into a route. P&ID Import: You can insert inline components into a pipe route after creating it from imported P&ID data, such as from a Solution Partner. SolidWorks identifies required components such as tees and r