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Using the Wacom Cintiq with SolidWorks

This is a quick demonstration showing a practical use of a combination of industrial design tools (the new Wacom Cintiq tablet, Photoshop, Illustrator) along side SolidWorks. This video shows how to import media created with these ID tools into SolidWorks and create a solid model ready to be manufactured.

SolidWorks Modeling Tutorial: Complex Thread

SolidWorks Modeling Tutorial: Complex Thread. This video shows how to create a thread on a non-cylindrical boss. It demonstrates how to use some advanced tools, including a helix, a swept surface with a guide curve, an intersection curve, and a swept cut.

SolidWorks Advanced Surfacing Tutorial

SolidWorks Advanced Surfacing Tutorial. This tutorial shows how you can use the Surfacing tools available in SolidWorks for Advanced Surfacing. This tutorial is created by Secant Technology AE Tommy Ray.

SolidWorks Tutorial: Modeling a Tire

SolidWorks Tutorial: Modeling a Tire. This tutorial shows in detail how to model a Tire in SolidWorks from scratch.

SolidWorks 2011: Piping Improvements

Routing Library Manager: The Routing Library Manager is a new interface that can be run without launching the SolidWorks® application. It provides access to several existing and new functions. Route Along Existing Geometry: You can create a route at a defined distance from a surface, using a pipe segment or a planar surface or face as a reference. The distance is calculated from the outer surface of the pipe, unless the centerline is specified. Weld Gaps: You can add weld gaps to routes between pipes and fittings, using global or joint-specific offset values. Autosize: When you place a part, it now resizes automatically to match the target equipment or fitting. Moving and Rotating a Fitting: You can use the triad control to rotate or move parts inserted into a route. P&ID Import: You can insert inline components into a pipe route after creating it from imported P&ID data, such as from a Solution Partner. SolidWorks identifies required components such as tees and reduc…

SolidWorks 2012: Sheet Metal Swept Flange

SolidWorks 2012: Sheet Metal Swept Flange. Learn about new sheet metal design functionality in SolidWorks 2012 and how to create a deep drawn box using swept flanges.

PhotoView 360 Tutorial: Final Render

PhotoView 360 Tutorial: Final Render. In this tutorial final render settings are discussed in detail.

SolidWorks Modeling & Assembly Tutorial: Chain Assembly

SolidWorks Modeling & Assembly Tutorial: Chain Assembly. This SolidWorks tutorial shows how to create chain in SolidWorks from scratch. First individual links are modeled and then those links are assembled to create final chain assembly.

SolidWorks Sheet Metal Tutorial

SolidWorks Sheet Metal Tutorial. This tutorial shows how to create a sheet metal box.