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SolidWorks Tutorial PDF Free Download

Learn SolidWorks for free by downloading following free PDFs.

SolidWorks Tutorial - 01 Axis:

This first exercise provides an introduction to SolidWorks software. First, we will design and draw a simple part: an axis with different diameters. You will learn how to work with the software and learn its basic principles. You will find out how to add and remove material.


SolidWorks Tutorial - 02 Picture Holder:

In this tutorial you will create a picture holder, consisting of a rectangular base with 4 vertical axes on it. You will get to know some new features, such as the ‘Chamfer’ command. You will also get to know the ‘Assemblies’ command.

SolidWorks Tutorial - 03 Magnetic Block:

In this exercise you will make a magnetic block. To do so, you will create a few parts, which you will assemble. You will learn the following new applications in this tutorial:

• You will make two configurations of a part.
• You will weld the parts together.
• You will make holes using the Hole Wizard.
• You will use standardized parts from the Parts Library.
• You will assign different colors to different parts.

SolidWorks Tutorial - 04 Candlestick:

In this tutorial you will make a simple container and a candlestick out of sheetmetal. You will learn about working with sheet metal in SolidWorks. We will show you a couple of ways to create a product out of sheetmetal and we will show you how to make a drawing in 2D.

 SolidWorks Tutorial - 05 TIC-TAC-TOE:

In this tutorial we will create a Tic-Tac-Toe game. The game consists of two plates that are on top of each other. In the top plate, there are holes for inserting small cylinders marked ‘X’ or ‘O’. In this exercise we repeat a lot of tools we already know and add a few others: working with configurations and the use of standard Parts. Some new features in this tutorial include working with tolerances and fittings and working with patterns.