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Showing posts from October 18, 2011

SolidWorks Tutorial: Sustainability

This sustainability Education video explains the concepts and terms behind Sustainabiity Engineering and the Life Cycle Assessment Process. In product design, students are required to understand how material selection, manufacturing process, and geography affect environmental factors. Major topics covered in this video are as follows: What is Sustainable Engineering? Life Cycle Assessment - LCA Environmental Impact Factors What is Carbon Footprint? What is Total Energy Consumed?  What is Air Acidification? What is Water Eutrophication? Why SolidWorks Sustainability? Why SolidWorks Sustainability in the classroom? SolidWorks Sustainability Methodology Download this presentation in pdf format.

SolidWorks Tutorial: Static Analysis

In this SolidWorks Video Tutorial static analysis of bicycle frame is shown. Topics covered in this tutorial are: Create a study of static analysis using girder grid Assigning material to the part Adding loads and fixtures to joints Running the study View of the main results of static analysis SolidWorks Static Analysis: Part 1 SolidWorks Static Analysis: Part 2

Model a Pyramid and Determine Volume

This SolidWorks Tutorial Video shows how to use a Loft feature to create a pyramid based on a volume integral.