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SolidWorks Tutorial for Beginners - 7

SolidWorks Pattern Feature Tutorial Complete | Linear Pattern, Circular Pattern, Curve Driven Pattern. This tutorial shows step by step how to use linear, circular and curve driven pattern feature in SolidWorks. All the options such as Features to Pattern, Instances to Skip, Vary Sketch, Geometry Pattern, Propagate visual properties, Reverse Direction, Curve Method (Transform Curve, Offset Curve), Alignment Method (Tangent to Curve, Align to seed) are taught properly. Briefly topics covered are as follows: SolidWorks pattern instances to skip SolidWorks pattern along path SolidWorks pattern on curved surface SolidWorks pattern along curve SolidWorks pattern along path sketch SolidWorks pattern along spline SolidWorks circular pattern tutorial SolidWorks linear pattern tutorial SolidWorks circular pattern extrude cut SolidWorks curve driven pattern SolidWorks hole pattern